WTB: Unikarp

Hi, im searching for a unikarp in any condition :grin:

You have to state a price you are willing to pay per the forum rules. Since you are looking for a range in condition a range would be perfectly fine or even a floor price for played condition “+” for better conditions.

Right, sorry :laughing: btw i would say 2-3k$ maybe something more depends on the conditions

PSA 5 for sale.

No advertisng your own cards for sale on the forum Joe :wink:

No jogging on without my prior consent, sir. You may proceed

Bump! After years i still need that card! Updating also the price I’m willing to pay 5K€ For a vg-ex copy!



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Thx my man! Card is literally destroyed to. Aiming to something a bit better :joy:

Should remove your any condition stipulation. Pretty embarrassing to have a card in the exact price range you listed linked to you and then xD it


I think we have different views of what could be “pretty embarrassing” my guy :smile: but you are right, i should have specified that I don’t want a poor condition copy! So id say I’m searching for a vg-ex copy

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He says any condition and gets linked one that doesn’t even seem that heavily played with 0 creases, just heavy edge wear. Really wonder what his “any condition” really means.

The last Unikarp to sell was a PSA 2 with wear and creasing for $7500.


What sort of condition do you think you’re going to find for 5,000?
If you can’t afford a Unikarp, there is also the Web series and you can get that in a much nicer condition. A PSA 10 is under $800



That Magikarp was loved by a kid and it’s now in need of a loving home :blush:

9 posts and a WTB thread???

Threads before the rule were grandfathered in. However this thread is a great example why the rule now exists.


Mr.kakabi on IG has a psa 3 VG for sale. It’s also listed on pwcc fixed price marketplace for 7800 usd OBO