WTB - Uncut Card Sheets, Vintage Japanese Cards (sets/bulk)

So, I’ve recently been looking into uncut sheets of printed cards and wanting to get one. From what I can see these go for anywhere from $500 to $3000 for a common one, holo sheets going for much, much more. I don’t have a list of every kind of sheet specifically I’d want, but holos are out of my price range. Both JP or EN is okay, vintage is preferred, e-reader era would be amazing but I’ve never even seen uncut sheets for those idk if they’re common.

Shipping would be to the Netherlands, I am aware that might be pricy as it will be rolled up in a tube.

Furthermore looking for Japanese vintage cards, e-reader, fossil, base, everything holos and commons. Mostly just 1 of each card rather than bulk of the same but am open to duplicates. Quality has to be pretty good, only raws. I’m okay with whitening on edges visible on the back, not more than that. Larger amounts of cards/entire mastersets would be preferred.