SAITOU AUTOGRAPHED Tyranitar(priority)
Any other autographed Tyranitars as well.

Am also interested in buying an unlimited L2 Japanese Tyranitar prime in reverse Holo, paying $500 for a Nm/m version. But will look at any condition due to rarity. Thanks again!

Also looking for a neo 4 shining Tyranitar either raw nm or psa 8~10


Bump looking for a saitou auto if anyone has one or can point me in direction of someone who does!

If you still want sugimori ink68 here offered me a shining ttar signed by sugimori a few days ago so may still have it

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I just closed a deal for it with him! It’s on its way to me now​:pray:t3::pray:t3:

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I have found the Sugimori autograph! Rather it found me. So now I’m looking for a hgss era Saitou Autographed Tyranitar! Doesn’t necessarily need to have a Tyranitar sketch.

Also will look at other Tyranitar autographed cards