WTB Tropical Wind Worlds 2004 JPN card

Hi All,

I’m currently searching for Topical Wind Worlds 2004 JPN cards (graded/ungraded)

My price offer ranges from

Ungraded (NM -MINT condition): $150 to $200
Graded (psa 9-10) : $200~ can be further discussed

Thank you for reading :blush:

Edit: 2007 JPN Found!
Edit: 2004 JPN Found!

Thanks all!

Pretty sure some were on eBay yesterday and ended within the 200 range but have since ended. Sorry I can’t be of more help but keep an eye out on buyee my friend

I lost a Jyahoo auction for the 2007 card yesterday cos I was being cheap. Somebody bought it out for 30,000 Yen at the 10th minute mark.
I died instantly :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh boy :slightly_frowning_face:


Do you have sources for the link still? Just curious :blush:

The 2007 and 2004 Tropical wind in Japanese is one of the most pain inducing items to find, almost as hard as a trophy card.

Quite underrated too!


I recently found this :blush:

If you’re interested, there are still other languages. Same for 2004, I see some new listings but none are japanese though!

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