[WTB] Shadowless PSA 8 Holos

Hello I’m looking to complete my set of shadowless PSA 8 base set holos. My prices are based off of pokemonprice and recent ebay sales, but I am of course open to negotiation.

Alakazam ~$300
Chansey ~$220
Charizard - ~$3000 (a lot of variance on prices for charizard, might be tough to reconcile bid/ask spread)
Gyarados ~$250
Hitmonchan ~$175
Machamp ~$220
Magneton ~$150
Mewtwo ~$290
Nidoking ~$200
Ninetales ~$200
Poliwrath ~$175

Please message me if interested and we can talk prices. Thank you.

The last 2 sales of a charizard in an 8 have been around your price so i think youre good. Best of luck completing your set!

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