WTB Shadowless Alakazam & Raichu PSA 9 Paying TOP Dollar

I’m paying the following prices:

Raichu $350
Alakazam $175

I’m not expecting GEMS, but I want solid 9s. Good Centering and Minimal Wear.
Shipped to Canada. I’m paypal ready. Help me finish this set guys. Cheers. :blush:

I got all the cards I needed. Thank you efour.


I’ve got a alakazam if you’re still looking


Thank you. :blush:

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If only I had a Shadowless PSA 9 raichu to sell. I’m surprised no one on this forum has sold you one yet. Just give it time.

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Yeah, I obviously had to raise my offer because of that last auction(was $275 before). I’m not going any higher though, at that point I’d just keep my 8 or buy a 1st Edition copy.

@smpratte the tease. lol If you don’t get any crazy $400+ offers on ebay, please consider my $350. I want a Raichu for Christmas. Cheers. :blush:

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Wow well I think I’ll need to hold onto my shadowless cards. Another dude is offering 500 for chansey… good lord

Haha well I already auto declined 2 $400 offers. :blush:

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That’s insane. I actually felt a bit bad paying $200 for a BGS 9 Chansey(8.5 Centering and 9.5-10 everything else) a few weeks ago, but it seems like a good buy now. I’m not guaranteed it would grade 9 at PSA so I’ll probably keep it as is. I’m not paying more than 1st Edition $ for one…

I think I found my Raichu. I’ll update the thread tonight if it’s official. Cheers guys. :blush: