WTB Raichu PSA 9s & 10s

Prices differ
After the ones below in 9s or 10s

Japanese Vending Series 2 1998
Holon Phantoms
Holon Phantoms Reverse Holo Stamp
Mysterious Treasures Holo
Majestic Dawn
POP Series 9
POP Series 9 Shattered Reverse Holo
Japanese 114/DP-P Promo Holo (POP Series Print)
Supreme Victors
HS Trainer Kit Holo
HS Trainer Kit Non Holo
Next Destinies
Generations Holo
Generations RC9
Furious Fists
Burning Shadows Holo
Raichu GL Rising Rivals
Alolan Raichu Crimson Invasion Holo

Thank you

If we want to buy here on e4 the rules state we have to list what we’re willing to pay for each and every item,
Good luck