WTB PSA 9 Non Holo Base Set

Hello everyone, after I saw how much success @blasturtle had with his wants List i decided to try a similiar thing.

I am looking to complete a PSA 9 Base Set for a decent price. I got most the Holos already and need every single non Holo. Would be awesome if some of you still got a few around to sell :blush: Since Im from Germany Im looking to buy in Bulk from the USA/UK to save on shipping costs. I know the values of cards vary and buying from ebay seems too time-/money consuming for me.

Im looking to spend around 9 $ for the Commons/Uncommons/except the starters and some exceptions. It seems like the prices on the rares vary a lot so we have to discuss them in detail.
If some of your cards are shadowless/ 1st edition thats not a problem for me since I just want a complete Mint set :blush:

Thank you guys for reading and Im lookin forward to hearing from you :grin:

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