WTB: PSA 8+ Gym Heroes holo set.

Hi guys!

I purchased a PSA 8+ gym heroes set on eBay this morning for $1000 USD and was immediately refunded and contacted by the seller saying that he just sold a few of the cards individually and obviously the set was no longer available. I found another listing for a PSA 9 set but it’s $1400 USD and for some reason shipping is $400(LOL) and import fees with the global shipping program are $200 so a grand total of more than $2500 Canadian after conversion, shipping and import fees. .

Obviously I’m kind of bummed out right now and still on the search for the set so if anyone wants to help me out I would be eternally grateful. I’m willing to pay around $1k USD and cover shipping charges and send friends and family if you are a reputable member if the community. I’m specifically looking for all the holos from gym hero’s including trainers all 1st edition and PSA 8 or better.


What’s wrong with this one?


That is the listing that Im referring to in my initial post. The seller charges $400 Canadian to ship and an additional $200 in import fees because Im Canadian. I contacted the seller and they are not really willing to budge or help me out.

I used the average of the last 3 sold listings on Ebay for every card listed in the same grade and 1st edition and the total came to $750 USD. Even with a premium of 10-20% for having the set I feel $1400 is way too much for this.

I purchased a PSA 9/10 Gym challenge 1st edition set with sequential serial numbers for $950 USD about a month ago, no way can I justify nearly $1400 USD for the less desirable of the 2 sets and lower grades.

If I purchased that set in the link it would cost me $2,500 by the time it got to my door.

I didn’t think you meant them because you said they use the global shipping program. D&A doesn’t?

You might see the listing different because your in the US Gary.

Since I contacted them they have revised the shipping cost but you can still see they ship via GSP. It would to take 3 weeks to get to me and cost $2100.

I saw the JI listing. I feel he had it priced too low which he noticed after you bid. Shame on him.

that would be greasy and disheartening.

It definitely happens and probably the case. What was the seller’s name?

I don’t want to call the seller out but Gary did put the initials of the company in one of his earlier posts’ in this thread. It was a “Buy It Now” and not an auction so would be pretty stupid of them to not follow through with the sale because they listed the price too low.

A seller from the forum contacted me with a PSA 8 set and dacardworld has agreed to do $1050 USD for the PSA 9 set so I think I should be able to get my hands on what I am looking for.

Just search gym heroes psa and then go to sold listings sorted by highest price and it’s there sold for 1k on the nose.