WTB Pokemon Art Academy Mew

Hi all, long time no see!

I’m after the Pokemon Art Academy Mew prize card. I’m aware the prize winners had their cards sent to them a few days ago.

Card link for reference.

Anyone who has one in near mint/mint condition, please contact me.

Price can be negotiated.

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The mew hasn’t surfaced yet, but if we see him, I’ll be sure to let you know


Thanks a bundle. ^^; I’m on the lookout for it too.

Hi all - I’ve been looking high and low and was wondering if anyone spotted this card yet. Where do people normally look outside of auction sites btw? I’ve never really gone after a card this exclusive so soon after it’s release.

Haven’t seen any bit of the mew yet. And as a mew collector this stings my soul.

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How about te epic pikachu one with all the pikachus?

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Same :confused: It’s really bugging me.

Adding my voice here, Mew is extremely important to me and I’m on the edge about getting this card haha.

Begging anyone who finds it to let us know :blush:

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havent seen it but its the one i want the most!

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Any luck anyone?

Nope! More are surfacing but no mew yet…

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Any new news?

What if they got lost? in the mail.

If I get ahold of one, I will personally contact you ASAP with information about how to acquire it. :blush:

From what I’ve dug into.
Seefisch might not ever surface. There might be one of the pokemon art academy members that might be in contact with him though.
He posted on their Miiverse wall but that was a long time ago =S

The best one is the one no one has seen yet or acquired yet. Ugh.

Thanks a bundle. :blush:

I’ve been trying to find them too… no news, though.

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Still dead ends with me too :slightly_frowning_face:
Sorry mate!

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yea no more info on anyone new sadly. Everyone else has pretty much been contacted may be years until they decided to sell if they ever do xD

Hopefully they come out of the woodwork quickly when they do!

Otherwise they will be sitting there with a little “For Sale” sign and none of us will be out there looking for it.