WTB or WTT for NM-M Bulk Binder Singles

Looking to fill a lot of empty slots in my NM-M, English, master set binders and would like to buy a lot of the bulk cards that I am missing. If anyone has an abundance laying around, I would greatly appreciate it. I really like having cards in my collection from different e4 members and I feel this is a great way to achieve that.

Looking to pay ~3x bulk buylist since it will take you some time to pick out the cards I need.

Located in Canada.

Common/Uncommon $0.10
Reverse Common/Uncommon $0.15
Rare $0.15
Reverse Rare $0.30
Holo $0.30
Break $1.00
Bulk EX, GX, etc $1.50

Some of these sets are obviously not applicable at bulk pricing but listing all percentages to give you an idea of what I am missing the most of. Can send list of missing cards from specific sets in a PM at your request.

If the set numbers look off, Pokellector has some of the reverse sets missing.

Also open to trades:

Which sets are not applicable? Just to help people not waste their time.

Up to the person selling but I just want to make it clear that I’m not asking for anything that demands a premium like 1st editions or Skyridge. Just trying to knock out a large number of cards that I’m missing, regardless of set or rarity.

Don’t want to flood the thread with images but here’s an example of the lists I can provide:

Variants(in this case, reverses) are a bit harder since it can’t be generated on Pokellector but I can piece those together as well.

I’d be more than happy to help you if I got lists to see what you need :blush: I’m trying to complete ex sets myself but other than that I should have something to give from all sets from DP & upward. It will be one heck of a search though. Also I’m from Finland so shipping could end up pricey if you want many cards from me… But let me know if you have some interest.

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Thank you very much @saber for the big trade! You put a giant dent in the cards I was missing and I will cherish them forever. :blush:

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I have a mother load of evolutions and burning shadows. All pack fresh I pulled myself! PM me what you need!