WTB Japanese Pokemon Center Sealed & Pikachu Lv X & Jumbo

Looking to buy these sealed with the coin.

020/P Pokémon Center Osaka

Also looking for Pikachu M Lvl X 043/DPt-P

Jumbo Cards:
e-League Grovyle – Winner
e-League Oran Berry – Winner
Fan Club Tropical Present Lapras
CoroCoro Pokémon Valley
9th Movie Handout Gardevoir ex δ
JR Hokkaido Pokemon Survey Reshiram
JR Hokkaido Pokemon Survey Zekrom

Japanese Jumbo Legend Lugia
Japanese Jumbo Legend Ho-Oh

I have a Grand Party… but I was considering grading it. What would you pay for it?

How much do you offer …

To everyone: I prefer these cards to be not graded BTW

@daleum you never got to me about the grand party

And also looking for the pikachu promo looking to pay $35 shipped
and the temple $10 shipped.

which pikachu promo?

Pikachu M Lvl X 043/DPt-P …

I have a grand party if you are still interested. Just send me a PM, it is ungraded and NM/M condition

Does anyone know who has a sealed copy of the pokemon center listed above?

I know the pikachu one is on ebay

Are you still looking for these? I have all 4 cards you listed above. The Pikachu Centers are sealed, the 043/DP-tP Pikachu is also sealed in the blister pack. I’ll have to double check the condition of my Grand Party though. Let me know and I’ll think of some prices.


I just need these:

020/P Pokémon Center Osaka Meowth w/ coin sealed
Pikachu M Lvl X 043/DPt-P

I’ll PM you though

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