WTB: Intro Pack ★ Neo

UPDATE - I no longer require this item. Thanks, avalanche1313!

~~WANTED – Intro Pack ★ Neo (Totodile & Chikorita Decks). It is imperative that it is sealed/mint.

If anyone has any information on its whereabouts, please send a PM here on UPCCC or PokéBeach. Any information is greatly appreciated!


  • UU~~

If you can’t seem to find a sealed one, I have an opened one.

Hi Unique,

I have a sealed/mint Neo Intro Pack(Totodile & Chikorita Decks)…LMK what you would offer


@shpunto9 - Thank you for letting me know :blush:

@avalanche1313 - Done! Thank you :heart:


Just incase you want another one :wink: