WTB: BW spares and ultra-rares

Want these desperately, particularly the non-secret rares (because I’m afraid if I leave it too late I’ll never get them). You will be my favourite person in the world if you can hook me up!

Please note that I am in a rush; because of certain UPCCC policies I am unable to post regularly and may have to go into hibernation again once I am back in my normal office (currently scheduled for 8 October). However, I’m fine to be contacted via PM, and usually check my PMs daily

1st edition and mint only please:


067/066 Virizion
069/066 Cobalion
070/066 Victini
071/066 N
072/066 Meowth

BW3 Hail Blizzard

020/052 Beartic
032/052 Groudon EX
053/052 Kyurem EX
054/052 Groudon EX
055/052 Regigigas EX
056/052 Emboar

057/052 Chandelure

BW3 Psycho Drive

030/052 Musharna
053/052 Shaymin EX
054/052 Kyogre EX
055/052 Mewtwo EX
056/052 Zoroark
057/052 Hydreigon

I think I still have my Hail Blizzard Groudon EX…

I have a Mewtwo EX and Kyurem EX but they hold special sentimental values to me, so if interested let me know (here or pokegym I’ll be around :wink: )

Thanks all, I’m going to update with BW4 wants soon :blush:

i have N, and chandelure but N is 92\101 and Chandelure is 20\99 so if it doenst matter to you i will trade you cards and money ups to you :wink: