WTB - Buylist - Cydaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion/Cameos

Looking for these items. $100 finder fee that leads to a sale. Will be periodically add or remove some if I have bought it or looking for better condition. Willing to negotiate on prices. Some of these don’t have many recent public sale records. On the rarer ones, condition doesn’t extremely matter. Thanks!

Not pictured - Not a priority but would consider looking at the Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, and Professor Elm’s Training Method eReader Matchprints if they ever pop up or come to market.

Updated (01/25/2023)

Typhlosion HGGS 32/123 Non Holo Rare NM/M - $10

Pokemon League Posters - $50 each


2009 Spikey-Eared Pichu Kindergarten Winner - $8000

1st Edition Professor Elm’s Training Method (Japanese) 013/016 (Feraligatr Con Starter Deck) - $2000
(Pictured is the unlimited)

Professor Elm’s Training Method Professor Program Ghost stamp. - $1000

Topps Hologram Cyndaquil -$750

Polish Mysterious Treasures Typhlosions Holo and Reverse Holo - $50 each

Russian Breakthrough 20/162 Typhlosions Holo and Reverse (no pictures available) - $50 each

Looking for the Hong Kong CL Typhlosion promo stamped with the Hong Kong regional stamp.
Not to be confused with the same Typhlosion that is stamped with the Taiwan regional stamp.


Throwing up some images next to the card number will help a lot


Good idea, I will get on that.

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Just updated.

Updated down to some pretty rare ones.

$1,000 for 1st ed Feraligatr construction deck Prof Elm? I’ll look if I have one lol

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Alright thanks lol. Since most of the 1st Ed decks were apparently burnt in a fire, makes it one of the rarest sets out there.

Yeah, I knew there had to be more behind the story lol
Did this only happen with Feraligatr, or also the other starters?
I definitely didn’t find one, but I’ll be on the lookout. Maybe if one of the pop 1 1st ed cards emerges, you could contact the seller for more info

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As far as I know only the Feraligatr. I have multiple copies of all the other variants from all the constructed decks.

Thanks for checking. A blister was sold a couple years ago but that’s the only knowledge I have of anything popping up so far. I will definitely contact them if anything comes up.

Just updated. Couple cards added.

Updated as of 10/10/2022. Down to some rare ones.

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Updated as of 10/19.

Updated as of 10/30.

Updated as of 12/27/2022

Bump cards and prices updated

Bump. Updated.

Bump. Updated

Bump. Couple cards added