WTB Base Set Unlimited Holo set in EX/NM

Looking to buy all 16 base set holo cards in English EX/NM quality (or in that ballpark - front card quality is my main focus) as im trying to complete a binder collection for that set.

Sorry if the prices are way off, but I’ve looked at sites like MKM and Troll & Toad to get an estimate so my price idea is:

$200-220 USD

Shipping to the US.


If you could possibly shoot me an email with maybe a link or two for the ideal card conditions you’re aiming for in pictures I can tell you if I can meet your price. I’ve got the full 16 in several condition groups, from NM/M ungraded down…but 200-220 might be low if a higher quality charizard is included. Let’s chat, just want to be sure I understand your goal rather than just writing off your price. Hopefully I can help!

Already got sorted but thanks!

Not sure what is typically done with a thread then - just delete it or mark it as “done”?