WTB Base Set 1st $20k+, Unseen Forces Holon Phantoms $1k ea

Streamlining now that this is a lot smaller. Offers are for any condition box as I intend to open. Open boxes are fine even if missing some of the packs if they are all from the same box and you can assure me that I will get most the holos or a fair ratio of holos from the remaining packs. Most offers are negotiable if we are close send me a message and I am sure we can work something out.

Base set 1st Edition English $20,000+ Possibly Negotiable upwards - PM ME
ex Dragon Frontiers $1500
ex Holon Phantoms $1000


EDIT: Fixed the spoiler tags to make it a little more reasonable. I will also add a strikethrough to any boxes I acquire since posting.

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I have holon phantoms and legend maker.

Neo destiny is really low. I haven’t seen one go for under $1300 in years.


Yah I have opened 3 of the unlimited ones, so I am not in a huge need to open a 1st edition hence the below market price. If someone messaged me with one for 800-900 I would surely snap it up, but unless it was a decent deal, I prob wouldn’t buy. PM’ed. I have opened legend maker.

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It is low for current price, but about a year ago or less a neo destiny 1st edition box for auction sold for $1000 and neo rev 1st ed went for $900. Was sold by vintagemagic on ebay

I believe I was second or third highest on both those… sigh. I did score a lot of boxes last year though for great deals. Especially ex series and jungle/fossil/rocket 1st editions.

My long lost friend helped me get a bunch of boxes today and yesterday. First 5x offer I have had in quite a while.

That coupled with a higher credit card limit and some 0% APR still going through October…

Updated list and updated the prices higher on a lot of the boxes I really want to target next.

Big update. Got a lot of these out of the way. Stepped up my prices now that they are getting harder to find.

Shadowless box (confirmed) 2500
Base set Korean 1st edition 800
Base set 2 450
Gym Challenge 1st edition 800
Neo Destiny 1st edition 1500
Legendary Collection 2200
Expedition 1200
Skyridge 1900
ex Unseen Forces 600
ex Holon Phantoms 600
ex Crystal Guardians 600
ex Dragon Frontiers 1500
Secret Wonders 250
Legends Awakened 250
Rising Rivals 250
Supreme Victors 250
Heartgold & Soulsilver 250

I have a Rising Rivals box I can let go, but I’m located in Belgium…

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Another decent update. Higher prices on what is left since I recently got some good scores on eBay, a trade, and caved in on a two box buy from Blowout cards at a little higher than I had wanted to. Getting a little more impatient now, again these are prices for any sealed box as I am opening them I don’t care if they aren’t the prettiest as long as packs on the inside will still be fine. If your box is nice I can probably be negotiated up on any of these.

Shadowless box (if 100% confirmed) 2600
Base set Korean 1st edition 900
Gym Challenge 1st edition 850
Neo Destiny 1st edition 1600
Legendary Collection 2250
Expedition 1200
Skyridge 2000
ex Unseen Forces 600
ex Holon Phantoms 600
ex Crystal Guardians 600
ex Dragon Frontiers 1500
Secret Wonders 275
Legends Awakened 275

Awesome, nearly there!

Wondering if you’ve opened a 1st ed Base though? :^)

I haven’t I just left it off as at this time I don’t have the funds ready. Funds are ready for everything else though. I am getting down to the real tough ones and especially the ex series ones are just guaranteed loss of many $$$. Probably will end this journey about 5-10 short. :sob:

@pokemanz @garyis2000 Your posts were removed as they are off topic. Want to keep this thread strictly about the OP’s buying needs. Feel free to pm one another if you want to continue your discussion.

Just in case anyone else needed this one:


Hasn’t come up much. I have been lucky to get this and a gym challenge 1st edition booster box in the past week for lower than my buying prices in this thread. Getting to the home stretch!

nice pick ups. Secret Wonders has a great holo pattern to it.
I cant believe you were offering $800 for gym challenge. I remember when I had 3 of each 1st ed gym boxes.
They close me around $250-300 each and even then I thought I was paying top market price.

I remember all the gym challenge BIN’s I passed on at $500 last year because it was too much. Though at the time I was also rolling in $380 fossil boxes and $420 jungle boxes that now go for $600-$700 each often times. It is making me sick what all this sealed stuff is doing in the past year. Crazy. I am glad I won all those ex series that I did. Most of them haven’t been listed twice since when I bought them and when they have they command hundreds more than I paid. I also had chances at most the remaining ones I need like skyridge and legendary collection in the $1200-$1500 range.

I mainly am buying English, but may be interested in the Chinese base 1st. PMed

Poor dp… Why stop there!! Dp must feel so heartbroken…

I’ve honestly started to get into them more lately as they have some ok cards

I’ve opened everything more current than D&P sets. I am just looking to buy the ones I have not yet opened. Then maybe I will start a new thread to buy a second box of every set to keep sealed. :open_mouth: