WTB 2004 Deoxys Ex Wonderland Magazine Promo 027/PCG-P AGAIN RAW OR PSA 10!

WTB: Raw mint or PSA 10 graded! My last posted price was $200, but I am willing to double, triple, or quadruple that price to get one out of the woodworks. $1000 max! (for a psa10)

I’ve tried to purchase this card for over two years now, and I won’t stop until I have one. I know some are out there, and man I hope one is on this forum looking to find a forever home.


Bump! Still highly interested! (And i will be until i find one)

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Bump, still looking!

bump, found out PSA mislabels this card as Wonderland Magazine #4 when its actually magazine #3. Still paying more than anyone else for a PSA 10 or raw nm. @Dizzle and I hashed out the details on the mislabel, here is the magazine it came in (volume 3). Would also be interested in buying the magazine from someone as well.


You’ve probably seen this.

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yeah I have, I actually asked the seller if he had a 10 not listed! Really only want a 10, and I have a couple 10 candidates I am submitting soon so theres hope :slight_smile:


That’s my card in the photo, lmao.
It’s a pop 1

The pop 7? I know the psa 10 was population 4 last time i checked. Do you have a 10 for sale?

Yes psa 7, it’s population 1

bump (card has increased to pop 5, so SOMEONE is grading it) would love for them to sell it to me for a large profit!

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My PSA 9 isnt good enough, sell or find me a 10 please! (Also if anyone knows this guy on IG, he has one - messaged him a year ago but he hasnt read the message)


Did you ever get a PSA 10? @expedition just posted a PSA 10 they got back from a return. No idea if they are selling, but if so then maybe you two can work something out.


I sent a chatmessage before posting the card. I am currently still contemplating if it is a card I want for my own collection or not, and @mrtz is very respectful of that.


9 sold yesterday for a pretty cheap price


PSA 10 acquired! Thread can be closed :slight_smile: