WTB 2002 E3 Convention Hoppip Japanese Back

Really looking to buy this. Price pending condition, will accept nm/m and possibly lp pending where the issues are and value. Unfortunately not buying PSA Graded. Will spend up to $150. f.jpg


If anyone has one or knows anyone with one, please let me know! Its the last card i need for my set!

39 cents on Troll and Toad lol unless I am missing something here…

Im not looking for the expedition one. I need the E3 Convention Promo. It has an english front and a japanese back. Was a promo for WoTC to preview the at the time “new” e-series.

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It was actually a 4 card set that included this hoppip, a pichu, a kirby and a manhole-e card.

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Here is the pack it comes in, for quick reference.

Bulbapedia mentions this variant under their article for the Expedition equivalent.

"[Hoppip] was included in the English Expedition Base Set, first released in the Japanese Base Expansion Pack, with artwork by Toshinao Aoki. It was later reprinted in Japan with new artwork by the same artist as a McDonald’s promotional card in Japan in May 2002.

In order to promote the e-Reader outside Japan, Nintendohad Media Factory produce the Sample Set, a 10 card collection from the upcoming Expedition Base Set in English used to demonstrate the Dot Code technology at a media pre-launch party at the New York Pokémon Center in August 2002. This card, as well as the other 9, are printed with a Japanese card back, and have “Sample” in the bottom right corner where the expansion symbol would usually be. Approximately 50 sets were printed for use at the event, and were never intended for distribution. Cards that did not make it into circulation were apparently destroyed.

An alternate version of Hoppip was later released again at E3 2002, updated to the Wizards Expedition Base Set layout but with the Japanese back. This later release removed the Sample logo from the card fronts."

That last bit is the important part, for people just learning about this variant.

This can be thought of as the Expedition version with a Japanese back, the SAMPLE version without the SAMPLE stamp, or the P Promo version with an English front and alternate art. :blush:

Not to hijack your thread. Just looked like some people were interested in learning about a new card. I hope you find it! @elam18 had one he was trying to get rid of for a long time.

All good. I sure hope to find one soon!!

Thanks charilie. I had a few copies, but I sold all of it already.

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Please someone help me find one even if you dont personally have one.

Someone please help!!

good luck finding these at a decent price. they’re the last promos I need to complete my English Wotc promo set but they’re crazy expensive.

I pretend they don’t exist

Yeah last one i need too. Killin me