WTB 1st edition Neo genesis lugia

Don’t really have anything to offer for trade, looking for one that is near mint!

Should mention that I plan to pay through paypal!

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Might want to include an asking price, also if you want that graded or ungraded. Ungraded near mint can be completely different (due to the fact that its based on the sellers interpretation, not a licensed grader) compared to a near mint PSA graded card.

yeah sorry, looking for an ungraded holo, saw some on ebay go ungraded for around 60-75$, I can go around that range for it

It’s such a gorgeous card! But apparently it scratches very easily (and can still be graded “near mint” even with considerable scratching).

yeah the holo pattern is so beautiful and lugia blends so well in it

I have a PSA 8 first edition lugia. It’s practically mint, the reason it got an 8 is because it’s off center.


thanks for the link!!


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I don’t know where OP is from, but they only ship to Europe. Keep that in mind @manuchi23. :blush:

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