Looking for a Lugia Neo, for around 10 dollars, NM is fine.

Hope someone can help me out.

looking for English unlimited.

12.99 Free Shipping


damn lol actually got one but it’s in worse condition and I can’t really remember where it is to be honest

Shipping to the Netherlands that is

so are you looking for one that’s $10 total and shipped to netherlands?

If so, that’ll be tough to come by.

No, but shipping shouldn’t be more than 3 bucks. All you need is a world stamp. I already pm’ed that seller earlier. Looking for the lugia for a friend.

Probably your best option:


That’s japanese, thanks anyway. I was hoping a member here had a bunch of neo holos lying around.

Also looking for jumpluff and more now.

Oh rats. I assumed you were after a Japanese one with that price tag.

This is a list of all my extra English Neo Holos:

Cards are NM/Mint and UNLIMITED unless otherwise stated. Shipping will be $3 (no tracking)

Let me know what you need.

x2 Jumpluff Neo Genesis 7/111 $1
x1 Kingdra Neo Genesis 8/111 NM $1.25

x3 Hitmontop Neo Discovery 3/75 $1
x1 Tyranitar Neo Discovery 12/75 EX $5
x1 Unown A Neo Discovery 14/75 $1

x1 Dark Houndoom Neo Destiny 7/105 NM $4.50
x1 Dark Scizor Neo Destiny 9/105 $6


There is a gem mint - mint lugia holo on my ebay at the moment… barely anyone is bidding at $1.20 atm. Will ship to Netherlands cheapest I can.