WTB 1st edition DUTCH base set cards in mint condition

Hello karptastic ladies and gents!

I am in need of mint (!) Dutch 1st edition base set cards. Preferably I would want to acquire them from as little different sources as possible (ideally from a single source). The following numbers are missing from my set:

  • 4
  • 8
  • 14
  • 21
  • 73
  • 74
  • 76

The following numbers are marked for replacement due to poor condition:

  • 3
  • 9

I live in Europe so prefer to buy from European collectors as my country’s customs is all too happy to charge import taxes (>_<). My maximum spending limit at the time of writing is 150 dollars (this can change over time). One day I will find the elusive number 4 from this list!

If you’ll put down the desired condition and price you’re offering you will surely flush out some interest. Don’t lowball though;)

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I usually use ebay sold listings for valutions and price estimations. However, Dutch 1st edition cards sell so rarely that it doesn’t give me a reliable ballpark! So in order not to lowball I thought it best to leave it up to the selling party to come up with a price. Nonetheless, I have adjusted the post to include my current max. spending limit as I did forget that (but this limit is not set over time for various reasons like currency changes and budget changes). The condition was already mentioned in the title and the post, so I am not quite sure how to make that more clear. But as a reminder: mint condition only!

The reason that doesn’t work well here is because if I locate then dig through all my Dutch, check conditions, email back and forth, calculate shipping, etc and it turns out I have 5 of the rares you need in mint condition then say 50.00+shipping but you then come back with 10.00 delivered…well, a lot of time was wasted that could have been prevented if you quoted your acceptable prices.
Does that make any sense?

Yes, time wasting is an all too familiar concept to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a good reference for individual values here though. If I knew individual ballpark prices, I would put them there. Besides that, I would prefer to buy the cards from as little sources as possible (ideally from one source). Speaking of this, I should/shall update my post to reflect that. So instead I’ve put my maximum spending limit for all the cards together. That should give an idea to potential sellers, right? Obviously most of that is meant for the Charizard, but I think that speaks for itself. When I get better individual references, I can always update! :slight_smile: The only real reference I have is that a complete set sold within Belgium for 200 euros last month (approx. 215 dollars at the time). I still hate myself for having missed out on that …

Thanks for the advice!

what a complete set sold for that could you link the ebay sale please

Yes, could you link that listing that sold last month?

If you don’t get them all in one place then check back with your offers on the mint rares and if fair I’ll get them out for you:)

It was a sale within Belgium, by which I meant it wasn’t on ebay (it couldn’t have been because the seller does not have an ebay account). As far as I know it was arranged through facebook or a Belgian second hand website (most likely facebook as that is where I was notified by the seller it had sold). The stupid thing is that I got pm’d to put in an offer a month before and completely forgot about it … Even more so that I actually know him in person (lives 20 minutes away), could have droven there and picked it up myself. And totally so because the cards were freshly pulled … Fml.

arh no mate im only 5 away from completing the set myself just missing these Dutch 1st edition: 04 05 08 12 15