Will they make more Pokemon switch's?

Sold out everywhere. It’s super expensive on eBay currently. Has Nintendo been known to make more in these cases? I really wanted to buy a switch but it sold out so fast

I would think so.

This likely won’t be a NES classic scenario. Hard to imagine them not producing more.

Which one? The regular models are still in stores everywhere.

Yeah they should be, but most importantly I think it depends on where you’re residing as quantities would be drastically different.

Also don’t forget that the new ones have a good chance that it cannot run customer firmware, so you won’t be able to do linux/emulation on it if that’s something you want in the future.

I am referring to the special edition Pikachu and eevee switches

Go to the store on release, they aren’t out yet its only pre-order.

I hope so. I want one so bad.

I’m pretty sure you are international right? Therefore I don’t know if this helps, but here is a link for anyone in the US still wanting it.

Gamestop still has them in the US.

I was looking for an excuse to buy a Switch and this is almost it. If the game wasn’t so watered down with casual juice, I wouldn’t even be on the fence.

If it becomes as popular as that gold 3ds Zelda a while back, I am really not surprised if they produce more. It’s literally a minor skin change, and if that significantly boosts sales, I don’t see it being an issue. That being said, it may become much harder to pre-order internationally, depending on your country.

I think the special ed Eevee Pikachu gold release is still available for preorder at Pokemon center.

But it’s limited per customer. 1 of each variant.

I was thinking of buying but I’m not sure yet… ×.× gaming is a bad influence for me haha… I get too addicted.

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It’s okay, just be like me where I buy the games for the switch and then it collects dust because I’m too busy with work!


I like collecting retro games though, these consoles do look nice.

Here is the Japanese official site, which is still taking preorders

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