Will pokemon ever do artwork on both sides of the card?


Could be a gameplay mechanic of the TCG and/or a way to get some groovy artwork on both sides.

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I hope not.

The back of the card has to stay uniform for play


Why? I don’t play it. Are there rules about having the card with the back facing a certain direction or something?

Prize cards are face down, is one example. Players should not be able to distinguish between them


In organized play, everyone plays with sleeves, and they already solve this in MtG with legal proxy cards to stand-in for 2-sided cards if non-sleeved.
I don’t see why not, but we kinda already got this with the let’s trade, card. No? I mean, not fully, but it IS holo on the back… That counts in MY book: Unique back.

I wonder though, what is gained by having artwork on both sides? Maybe if there were new mega evolved or V Max cards… something that creates a temporary cards state or form that would change during the game, but wouldn’t take up a space in the deck… IDK.

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Have either the Trade Please! or Ancient Mew promos been used in play before? The more recent exceptions in the last few years are the Yu Nagaba test prints and 25th Anniversary Creatures Deck, neither of which are official TCG releases.


Yes, so you can’t see what your prize cards and so you can’t see what you’re drawing.
Would you buying playing cards with the suit and numbers on both sides?

I hope not just because for display purposes you would need two copies of every card.


100% I hate having to buy 2 copies of double-faced cards for my MtG collections!

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What’s the point?

Having one side uniform and non-holo and unimportant helps lessen damage.