Why did wotc stop blisters for a period?

How’s it going folks! This is just a curious question that crossed my mind: why did they not do blister packs from base 2 through gym challenge?

If I’m not mistaken some other languages of these sets had blister packs but not the English. Anyway it would be cool of perhaps someone knew the answer to this!

Have a sweet day everyone!

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Always wondered this myself. Still waiting to get my hands on some team rocket boosters, but i’ve only seen italian versions of these, and were not for sale.

Well hopefully one of these folks on here who know the craziest random stuff will be able to enlighten us! I’ve never even seen that rocket blister, but coincidentally I read someone mentioning it on this forum not ong ago though

During that period booster packs came in the long pack variant where you could hang up the booster pack in stores through a hole at the top. So maybe that’s why wotc had no need to make blister packs for the gym series,base 2 and English rocket. But looks like they went back to blister packs in the neo era, who knows why,perhaps the loose hanging packs were more victim to shoplifting/opened up in stores who knows?

Been meaning to make a guide on blister packs but just haven’t had the time to compile one. Anyway here was my own italian rocket blister, sadly the plastic had yellowed when I purchased it

Also here was some cool theoretical gym blister pack designs by the photoshop wizard @shizzlemetimbers I thought to include.


@shizzlemetimbers these blisters are a perfect example of why we call you a wizard lad.

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Thanks man, they were fun to do :blush:

Dude those concept blisters were gnarly! Stellar job on them!

Man that rocket blister is super cool, I’d love to get my hands on one (or 80) of them! That rules you own that man. But to the original question: base set, fossil, and jungle all had long packs as well as blisters so I’m not sure that was the reasoning. But you could very well be spot on about the shoplifting thing, that sounds like it could be right to me! Perhaps only the shot callers of marketing at WOTC at the time will ever know…

Honestly, it all came down to money. At the time, everything was “bottom line””. A penny saved” mentality. Sometimes they took it too far (ie; triangle packs).
It was the extra cost of packaging and shipping that killed off the blisters.


They look so cool though :sob: