Which set did my Pokemon cards come from?

Hey Poke-fam,

I put together an easy-to-read blog that explains which symbols go to which set.
The list also includes the abbreviations from each set.
The link is below.

-Pokemon Dude

Which Set Are My Pokemon Cards From?


Seeing all of the McDonald symbols is pretty cool.

Check out this list on Bulbapedia, it has both Japanese and English sets - bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_Trading_Card_Game_expansions

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Great website! Just a suggestion would be to include the year beside all sets. When I was first getting into the hobby I organized by year before sets :blush:


In that case this set list might help. :blush: All English, Japanese, and other language-exclusive sets (i.e. Korean, Thai, Indonesian, etc.) and decks ordered by release date. It’s a bit outdated, since it’s currently up to halfway the SM era (I should update it), but I created and used this list when I ordered my collection on release dates in the past.


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@mthursty, @quuador, Thank you for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated and i agree that the year should be included. I will work on updating the list to include year then ill share it with you guys again once i finish.

Are you all having any luck with the McDonald’s promotion? Im going to be sick of happy meals before this is over .