Which Pokemon Cards are in Dutch ?


I have the complete First Edition of the Base Set , Jungle and Fossil in Dutch.

I also have two other cards in Dutch;

  • Pickachu Promo with gold tale.
  • Pickachu Promo without gold tale.

Does anyone know if there are other Pokemon cards in Dutch ?


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Welcome to UPCCC!

“Other” Dutch sets are Base, Jungle and Fossil Unlimited.

Thanks for the reply. Stupid me not to mention those :blush:
As it looks those are the only one in Dutch ?

Base, Jungle and Fossil 1e edition and Unlimited are the only Dutch sets and the 2 Pikachu’s the only Dutch Promo’s.
Only other possible Dutch cards are the Tropical Mega Battle VS cards, but I have never seen those in Dutch.

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Do you know if anyone who has also the complete Dutch First Edition of Base, Jungle and Fossil. I haven’t found one yet :blush: . Can see (but not PSA graded) most of mine are near mint or mint. Or is every owner saying this :blush: )

What is this so called golden tale pikachu? Enlighten thy.

and every owner says that unless there cards are really damaged i have some of the dutch 1st edition set graded :blush: mixture of 9 and 10s :blush:

From the first Pikachu world collection :wink:


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Golden tale?

in the left hand corners

On the bottom left of the pokémon’s picture. It’s pikachu’s tale in some kind of gold print.

I see it now, they looked black at first. I was also confused hence tale & tail.

Agreed with the previous comments, I don’t know of any other Dutch cards than those that were mentioned. I would love to see your complete first edition Dutch collection. Why not start a thread in the ‘Collection additions’ sub and show us your goodies (wait, that sounds dirty …)! The only set I have in Dutch is a part complete 1st edition Dutch base set in mint condition. I am missing a 7 cards of which two holo’s, unfortunately one of them is the Charizard.

looks like its a race to see who can complete this set quicker :blush: im missing 5 ahah

I swear we have had do many foreign base collectors join the forum recently, you guys should speak with them and see if maybe you can help each other out a bit :blush:

haha who are they hah put me in touch with them haha

Hi Guys and girls,

Give me your list and I will check. For now you can check EBAY. Prices around $99.00 for non 1ed Charizard. This is the link : stores.ebay.com/POKEMON-PROMO-WORLD/_i.html?_nkw=dutch&submit=Search&LH_TitleDesc=1&_sid=13547978
The First Edition dutch Charizard will be one hard to find and/or it will have a price tag as least around $300.00. This is the link : www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-1st-Edition-Base-Set-Charizard-4-102-HOLO-RARE-With-Scans-4-Dutch-/400991526242