Where to buy Japanese singles

Is there a US based site that sells Japanese singles comparable to trollandtoad or tcgplayer? I’m not looking to buy high end cards, just work on completing Japanese sets and don’t feel like buying booster boxes. If not what is the easiest way to go about buying Japanese singles?

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Your best bet would probably be US-based collectors who open Japanese product, since it doesnt make financial sense for the big sites like TNT to crack japanese packs for resale.

Or maybe make a buying post on the appropriate thread, I’m sure there are a couple of Japanese set collectors here.

What sets are you trying to complete, I might have extras? Not sure of any US-based that sells specifically Japanese but…

I’m not really looking for anything in particular. I started collecting Japanese promos but I thought it would be fun and it would add some depth to my collection to start collecting Japanese sets. I’ve heard through some videos about Japanese sites but never really understood the process in buying Japanese cards…it just seemed like a big pain so I never really paid close attention. Maybe it’s too personal, but does anyone care to explain their method?

All the info you need: www.elitefourum.com/t/japanese-marketplace-list/21709/1
Good luck and enjoy!

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I (have poor impulse control, and) am frequently buying Japanese boosters and opening them-- I’d be happy to make up a list of what extra singles I have.