where have I seen this before...?

So I was surfing the interwebs when I came across an article about getting cards graded. As I scrolled down the page bumped into an image that was a little familiar. My SSB. I’m fine with it being used. Whatever. Its the fact that they used it when discussing MTG and go on to say that my “magic card” is only worth a grand or so. Ummm…no. Try a bit more. Not to mention the terrible grammar. I admit that I’m not the best, but that was deplorable! Anyway, i’m done.


That’s odd. I wonder how and where you took the image of your card from. That description looks like the work of a elementary student.

Tell me about it… I only have that image on my flikr and the only link is on here. I intentionally do not tag any of my images so they wont show up in a search either. :confused:

Wow that is disappointing :confused:

I usually put a water mark on mine and had the setting where no one could save them because of situations like this one or worse. The guy doesn’t really know anything about the card either which makes it worse.

Um this is not the point of UPCCC :confused:

But the description is about the M:TG Blue Hurricane and how you shouldn’t get it graded as it makes it unplayable.

Any idiot who decides to play a '94 Blue Hurricane deserves to lose a substantial amount of money, quite frankly.

I wonder if you can contact the website and tell them to sod off?

I’m not worried :blush: I did get it graded earlier this year though :stuck_out_tongue: