Where can I buy Card Savers in Australia?

I am starting to send cards off to PSA and therefore I need card savers. Does anyone know where I can obtain card savers in Australia? The shipping prices internationally are very high sometimes even more than the actual price for the item!



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I wish i had a decent supplier. The best I can find them is $49.95AU delivered for 200 of them. I’ll edit in the sellers name. I’m running exceptionally low right now.



Can you gents help? Any other Aussie graders I have missed?

@ozenigma I bought my card savers nearly 2 years ago. I can’t remember where though. Your suggestions seems not to bad for me. Sorry I couldn’t help. I did get mine from eBay though.

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If you don’t want to pay a higher price you may have some uck looking up used bunches. I know you can get decent lots of used toploaders.

Pros and cons to this though-
Pro- ur never going to see them again anyway so cheaper is better.
Con- if your savers look jacked, it mite put negative impressions of your cards quality in the graders head before he even looks at the card.

I think there is a way of getting them in bulk, but our dollar is really hurting right now…

I haven’t bought Card Savers in like 18 months, I bought a few hundred of them when the dollar was good. I had to get them from USA and eat the postage cost.

I’ve purchased 400 and am down to my last 100 now =(