When will Pokemon DIE!!?? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Hey guys,

Just randomly searching Pokemon as always, and began thinking again “when will the Pokemon era end!?”

I.E Games / TCG / Anime

I think a lot of people just grew up, and grew out of pokemon in general. **like a normal person should x.x**
But we’re here spending hundreds $$$ on new releases of games and cards.

When will the series stop releasing products?

I guess for how ever long there is a market for it? its all consumer based.

What are your thoughts ?


The same question was posed in my time kids magazine from the 90’s. They wondered with cynicism how long pokemon would last. Here we are almost 20 years later, and it is still going strong.

There is no easy answer. However, when I went to Worlds in 2011, it was well populated. I believe 24 countries were represented. The place was packed, especially compared to the mid 2000’s. This year, it was massive. Even more people attended. I think 32 countries were represented. A lot of people in their 20’s, a lot of kids, it was a wide range of individuals.

The branding and overall publicity of the event has grown. The presentation of the event is excellent. Also, the players who have been around since the beginning (Yamato, Jason), the announcers, the jwitz youtubers, the big name collectors all provide a stable sense of community. Almost as characters in the game, if you want to perceive it that way.

Pokemon has many aspects that attract many people from all over. In regards to collecting, I think it has universal merit. Check out what people are paying for vintage sports cards. Now those guys really need to grow up!


It also depends on where you’re talking about. Pokemon is firmly entrenched as a pop-culture franchise in Japan. It’s as big as Peanuts ever was in the States. In fact, I’d say that Pokemon rivals Disney here in Japan.


yea well do remember this year was on the east coast the 2nd time since 06 since we had a worlds in the east coast so many more people showed up and it was very suprising how the turn out was.dont forget there are more and more pokemon fans than ever before with each new generation and games that come to play alot more of kids and collectors start to come back into the game

Like everything, it will last as long as it makes money.

It’s extremely promising that we are seeing growth at the moment in terms of popularity.

short answer never ;p

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Will be in the Olympics within 4 years. No discussion to be had.


I think that Pokémon will die within few years if the new Pocket Monsters characters will be drawn like a children… I think (imho) that Pokemon characters from original era to ruby and sapphire are the best no.001 to no.386. The early characters are too cute/“stupid” without imagination… we need better characters, badass character; more pokemon like tyrannitar, Lugia and less like Litwick,Vanillite. The latest Pokemon are pocket MONSTERS or animated object???

This probably won’t happen. Most hobbies that last for a long period of time end up having people who appreciate certain era’s. In sports, you have vintage and modern. Even within vintage there is a pre war era, post war era, and within modern there are other distinctions as well. They typically reflect the era in which the collectors grew up or value the most.

Although the new sports cards are shinier, feature steroid users, and are sometimes legitimately contrived, they still help the sports market. If anything, for people who do not like the new cards, it pushes them to solely collect the vintage and modern items they prefer.

These patterns are also in hobbies such as Star Wars. There is a distinction between the original three films, the newer three, and god forbid, the animated series. Even though I personally am not into the animated series, it helps Star Wars as a whole, and definitely played a role in why they are able to produce a 7th film. It is also why they have been a household name for almost 4 decades.

Pokemon will probably follow this path. It already has been for awhile. There are already people in the hobby who only collect a certain era. Ultimately, the younger generation helps the hobby. If they were not doing well with the younger generation, similar to how things were in 03-04, then that would be a concern. However, that is not the case.


I never understand why topics like this seem to be specific to Pokemon. I’ve never seen another video game series, and especially not another Nintendo-exclusive video game series, that has so many people questioning when it’ll stop making games.

You never see “When will Super Mario die?” or “When will Legend of Zelda die?” threads, for example.


@smpratte Here (in Italy) PCG gamers are very few… This is because the players prefer to play with magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon tcg is for children and teenagers. In the 2000s Pokemon was at its peak, now unfortunately when a new expansion comes out I can no longer feel the magic that makes me want to collect new cards. I followed the PTCG from the base set up to ex deoxys and I lost all the expansions that have been released after until I started to collect about 4 years ago.
YES, sure I’m nostalgic and I love the first era because I grew up with those.
With few years I mean 6-8 years, not less because I think the Pokèmn community can grow better and only if the Pokèmon International will make more advertising to attract the younger generation. Now the “new generation” of children prefer to play with console and not with Trading cards, this is my point of view, seeing what boys do in my area.
Sorry for my bad English grammar but I’m not good at writing long articles but I think you will understand what I mean :wink:

It’s not going anywhere, that has to be accepted at this point. Pokemon is GROWING, which is hard to believe because it is already enormous. Pokemon comes up more in conversation with people who have not kept up with it than pretty much any other game or show from the era I grew up in. More than Mario, more than Zelda, more than Digimon, more than Yu Gi Oh. It has defined generations, because it exploded to larger than anything in the 90’s (even if it fell off the map for a little bit after).

The reason these topics come up is because everyone always assumed since day1 that Pokemon would fade into obscurity in the manner that every other fad has. Say pogs, crazy bones, etc. Everyone has always been looking at it like a ticking time bomb, but the clock hit 0:00 a long time ago and the bomb didn’t go off. Pokemon, through proper managing and smart decisions, has defied the odds and firmly planted its roots in pop culture - a place where it will indefinitely stay. The video games are going strong (that’s an understatement), TCG is going strong, the shows are going strong (still airing daily in my area, in desired youth time slots on the appropriate networks), worlds this year was ENORMOUS which is just one more way it’s carving out a larger and larger community. Basically millions of children are continually introduced to Pokemon every year, and a subset of those will take part in all kinds of Pokemon hobbies as they age. We’re already at 15 years worth of North American kids who gradient from either simply knowing what Pokemon is to being a full out Pokemon fanatic.

Do you know anyone under the age of 25 who doesn’t at bare minimum know what Pokemon is? …I don’t know a single one


Pokemon will die when Simon collects all the booster pack arts (promos, sets, of all languages) x.x

hahahah then it will never die! LOL

lol how far are you in your collection? how many more do you need?

@elam18 the japanese collection is complete, the english only from base set to ex team rockets return (missing the skyridge and ex dragon set) an Korean from BW to now. I’ve got only all the foreign different artworks for the base set. I’m trying to collect only single cards, japanese and korean booster packs for now…

An ice cream cone with eyes… Whatttt?

Or something really stupid like a bee with drills for hands. Originality has just died these days.

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Yes but gen1 had two purple blobs with eyes, but the mouths were different so one is the evolved form of the other. Let’s name the second one Muk, after what it looks like…muck. Oh and let’s make a pink blob and give it dots for eyes since were too lazy to make a real Pokemon DITTO. Let’s make two pokeballs, add eyes and electricity, and change the eyes for the evolved form. Don’t forget the eyebrows though!! We’ll also have about 6 regular mammalian birds but no one will notice. We’ll give one a leek because duck and leek make a wonderful French dish. And ya while we’re at it we’ll add a mouse, colour it purple and evolve it into a common sewer rat. …we made up for it though cause Charizard was awesome.

Bottom line, the Pokemon sucked equally bad back in the day, but we accepted them because that’s what we grew up with in the nostalgia era. They could do with less cutesy Pokemon now… But that’s because Pokemon came under fire for being too much geared to males.

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well there are still some pokemon we need to see.bad enough we have ice cream a keychain and garbage next gen we can see planes and cars.pokemon the past few years have grown more than before with alot of new stuf comming out not to mention the tcg players alot of em have now come into pokemon who use to be from like yugioh or even vanguard