A scary thought

In just over 3 years time, the Pokemon card game will be 20 years old… :open_mouth:

When did you start collecting/playing? For me I started in 1998 I think? I got a Base Box set with the 1st Edition Machamp in it. I feel old. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I started in 2000 when I did not know the existence of the Pokémon, but one day in the morning before going to school I had gone with my mother to the newsagent to buy notebooks and at checkout I saw the booster packs. Intrigued I bought two booster packs and in one of the two I had found Charizard. From that moment I fell in love with Pokémon cards.


This scares me because it makes me think “How much longer does the franchise have till it dies?”

IMO it won’t be going anywhere for a LONG time for these reasons - a) It’s still incredibly popular b) it’s a Nintendo franchise c) The Game Boy games etc are still being made and are always critically acclaimed and one of the most successful game franchises in history - I honestly believe that there will always be a market for Pokemon.

I’m happy I don’t believe in Pokemon

I think it will stay around for a while…look at pac-man and mario. I recently used my near mint sonic the hedgehog bed sheets…1st time in years Ive pulled them in out of storage…then realized they are 20 years old! Sonic was created in 1990!

Went I meant that the franchise will die, I was trying to say that they will stop producing new stuff. Of course people will still want to play their games for years, just like people still play old mario games, but my question is how long can Pokemon keep coming up with new ideas.

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At least 150, or more to see

And at the time I thought they were only talking about Mew and Togepi! :grin:


Money has a real knack for inspiring creativity.
I think you’ll be surprised by how many more they come up with.

They may quit making new stuff for a while…but like TMNT it will come back some years later. IF that happens. Like they would start Ash’s story over from the very start, and totally current versions of the red/blue/green games. Just my “plan B” prediction.

Well think of how many millions of different species of animal there are. They could come up with new Pokemon forever lol :blush: