What's the story...

So what is the story behind this type of card? The picture takes up the entire card, and, I like it. :blush:
But having just gotten back into the swing of collecting, I haven’t seen these before.

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They are called Full Art Cards


Well these are Radiant Collection Full Arts!
In the Legendary Treasures Set, there was a subset inside… Similar to how in Rising Rivals you had the Rotoms etc. Anywho, they are based off of the Japanese Shiny Collection :blush:

Each Full Art isn’t worth a whole lot… With Mew EX FA being worth the most at around $5-7. Though if you look hard enough completing the Full Arts in this set should on’y be about $15-20 :grin:

Ahh, well I think they are absolutely gorgeous. (So nerdy for the artwork). Luckily for me I don’t collect initially for value, I just want to stare at them forever.


This is a good attitude to have about collecting. Keep it and you’ll go far.


While they may not be worth a whole lot I agree they just make you stare and stare. I pulled a reshiram FA from the legendary treasures radiant set and it’s hard to take your eyes off of it.

It realy lowered prices on japanese shiny collection. I also have some Korean full arts of this set.

not a major fun of these myself tbh , i do like my korean full arts though

Full arts from other sets are also very nice. The japanese full arts have superior holo effects though

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Collect what makes you feel good. Like elam: he’s into life size rubber dolls.


How come elam never shares this particular collection with the community? :blush:

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Believe me…you don’t wanna see those pics (puke) lol.


I can’t handle you people sometimes. lol

@KingPokemon collects them too. He’s the one that got me into them. He likes life size rubber animal dolls.


You two crack me up

You can’t crack rubber?
Unless you freeze it though…
Careful not to pop it with a pin!

What’s gotten into this place? Rubber dolls, animal dolls, handle, crack… :blush:

It’s a slow news day in the Pokemon world I guess :sunglasses:


Those rubber dolls start to develop cracks if you don’t wash them properly.

I have mixed feelings about these, I prefer the older cards and their art/design.