What Series does this Nidoqueen come from?

Ok this is probably a dumb question, but I stumbled upon a picture of this Nidoqueen card on the internet:

I can’t figure out what set this is from. Its too blurry for me to read any of the fine details. The title said it was a shiny Nidoqueen which is wrong. And the palm tree set symbol I thought was for Southern Islands, all of which I have…

Why you can’t find anything on it is because it is not a real card. No pokemon during that era had HP above 120. The font is also incorrect. And Nidoqueen doesn’t evolve from Weepinbell.


Haha oh man I didn’t even notice the weepinbell it was so small and you’re right the 400+ HP doesnt make sense. Ok wow I’m surprised someone went through all the trouble to create a fake card an they didn’t use the stock Nidoqueen as the backdrop. Thanks Scott. Too bad it wasn’t made though because I really like that art.

Ok well cool case closed

I always check my cards to make sure they don’t dubiously evolve from Weepinbell. :rofl:


That is a pretty cool fake.

[/quote]That is a pretty cool fake.[/quote]

Right? That’s what I thought. I like the art so I was like what card is this? Haha

There’s so many fake southern island set cards lol. L> for a complete fake set

I found a binder of these last year in China. From around the year 2000, and these we’re really good quality.

Some of the rares had the right info / text / evolutions, and same colour from afar, but we’re a little more flimsy feeling. Didn’t have the middle black layer placed by wizard of the coast.

Still fake, but hilarious;

Haha leave it to the Chinese to make some knockoffs. Gotta give them credit for the nice artwork. BUT, they aren’t too smart on the evolutions as Scott pointed out earlier. :grin:

Still if they were cheap I’d probably pick up a set just for fun. :grin:


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Gyarados with Stomp.
Gyarados has no feet.


These are so weird, haha. They’re clearly pre-existing cards with fake HP/damage and the Southern Islands logo slapped on. Gyarados is Rapidash, Grimer is Jungle Meowth, Nidoqueen is Jungle Victreebel, etc.

Oh, and the “2nd edition” symbol on Grimer wins.


Lol… I recorded a video on these, but never uploaded it, had a large amount. There was one card I found, which had two Gyarados’ pictured in it lol. It was hilarious.

And a steelix with fury swipes that did 260x damage.

Sad thing is I threw all of them in the bin :S

Ah bummer ya haha their worth a few bucks at least for the laughs :stuck_out_tongue: