What is your favorite sealed item you own?

if you really want to start i got FF7 in wata dont open that rabbit hole :stuck_out_tongue:

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jesus christ get one of those WEB packs graded !

This book and card by Hitoshi Ariga got me back into Pokémon in 2019, about 16 years after moving on from Pokémon.

Released in 2016 the book has really iconic illustrations from all generations. Every page hits.


Can we see some pages in the book?


Not sure if I have a photo of it but 2009 arceus movie commemorative booster box. Only seen one or two opening videos on YouTube from way back and none sealed. Im sure there’s plenty out there sealed but super happy to have my own


Probably this John West 95g Tuna Can. It’s still in print I believe, therefore not particularly rare but the greens really pop :heart:

Sadly it’s only in EXC-NM condition, with a deep scratch on one edge. Debating whether to do a rip’n’ship or keep sealed, thoughts?


Oh no I have to go look through this book again :upside_down_face:

You may be able to get a taste of my taste in Pokémon by looking at the illustrations I chose to choose

I never get to share my affection for these illustrations so thank you for asking me to share.

I also added some of the cards I own of the same illustrations from the book!


Thank you for sharing! Such amazing art. Love the Brock illustration

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Definitely need to get a copy of that book for myself

Posted them on my collection thread too but since they fit perfectly on this thread i’ll show them here too, all tcg booster pack artworks featuring my slime!


I bought this on my first trip to Japan in 2015. This holds a very special place in my heart.


Has to be my Japanese base box, such iconic art.
Almost got lost in the mail when I bought it years ago!


Any of the gym box but this is my favorite


After my trial with my UPC’s, i’m now confident in my self restraint and ability to not wanna open these up :face_exhaling: Even if I still don’t own the Tina i dream of


This is so cool. I wanted to get one but found it very expensive at the time. I was also trying to get the theatrical release album which you can put the special arts from this set in, again found them too expensive. This set has some very gorgeous cards.


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The Fusion Strike Booster box you have there says $250. Is that what you paid for it?

No this is Australian dollars :sweat_smile: I knew it would be brought up but i like the pink lol but no, i paid less than sticker too :pray: