What is this? [UPDATED w/ PICTURE]

I stumbled upon this the other day, but didnt know what it was. Anyone know what it is?


Since King_Pokémon is Gary (@garyis2000 ) if I’m not mistaken, he might be best suited to answer your question. :blush: (Unless he doesn’t want to answer anything anymore now that his post count is exactly 10,000. :laughing: )



Your cards are carddass from the Bandai Anime Collection (Orange Islands I think) set.

In Japan, those carddass were released in vending machines without any packaging (like all the Japanese carddass).

So your cards were re-packaged (probably to sell them in the western countries?).


Interesting ! So there were never any booster packs? They just sold individual cards ?

Carddass are sold in “packs” of 2 to 4 I believe (it depends of the type of carddass) in vending machines.

Here is an example of carddass packs in a display:

There is no “booster pack” like a Base Set booster pack for example.