What is the scam process when paying goods and services?

Hi guys,

Unfortunetly I’ve been in the middle of a few scams in 2017 and am very weary of doing deals and try to reserach everything and protect myself as much as possible before making a deal.

My question is that even if you use Paypal goods and services can scammers still get away with it? There was a posting on my hometown Phoenix Craigslist for a PSA 8 1st edition charizard…I obviously emailed him and negotiated a price. He told me no problem to use Goods and services. There were a few red flags though (mainly that he wasn’t in Phoenix anymore even though he posted 24 hours ago) so I did further research and found this:


Please refer to the 3rd pic - this was one of the pics on the craigslist but without the buyer beware. Also this ebay description shows in the description about a scammer using the pic. I messaged the guy and he was stunned how his pictures are making the rounds in different US cities.

Question is, how if I pay with goods and services do these scammers get away? Do they build up various paypal accounts so that the money is instantly there and then withdraw? Do they delay shipping until the money is unfrozen? I guess I was naive thinking that doing goods and services meant a legit seller - I know I could probably get my money back with G&S but then again it is a MAJOR headache. Thanks.

If it’s not jkanly selling the card on craigslist from Miami, FL, it’s a scam. He’s a very reputable seller and I’d trust his word. I can’t say anything about Paypal GS, though as I never used that functionality.

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It’s def not jkanly, it’s a scam. I just always thought the scammer process was to request friends and family payment but now it seems like doing goods and services is fine for these scammers as well.

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In general, I never go off of “green flags” i.e. proof w/ pic (because shady sellers can own the card, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll send the card) – I go off of red flags since I never give the benefit of the doubt to these situations.

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Actually that same scammer posted on craigslist in my area (New England) and I’ve been wondering how he intended to scam someone using Paypal G&S? Isn’t the buyer protected? On an unrelated note I’ve been trolling one of my “local” scammers by making him jump through a bunch of photoshop hoops to prove that he actually has the card, he just takes existing pictures online and tries to tailor them to my requests, always fun to waste their time!


Goods and services protects you as a buyer. The scammer usually has an account in another persons name, or has a fake account. They then withdraw the money to their bank account after funds are sent. PP doesn’t always freeze money, I haven’t had assets freeze on me in years despite multiple thousands of dollars go through my account. (I don’t have issues that go unresolved either) After the money is taken they usually unlink their bank accounts.

The rest of the issues go to the other person associated on the account or stay with PayPal. If it’s someone else after PayPal refunds the money their collection agency will attempt to get their money from the person on the account, often times the contact info is wrong. If it’s a fake account the info presented to open the account belongs to a diseased individual or somehow was created fraudulently so PayPal has nobody to take the claims from.

There’s multiple dark web sites these individuals can get the info they need from. The person who tries to get people to buy his non existent 1st ed base box does this scam all the time. They aren’t very good at it because they don’t have the best efficiency with the accounts. They could send themselves a few fake orders to get their account in good standing so it won’t freeze. Instead, they gamble with the frozen assets aspect, and if their account freezes the money they call it a busted scam and refund right away.


@cullers had it right. Usually someone fraudulently using a hacked/stolen account in someone else’s name. They get the cash and leave the wreckage for someone else to deal with.

The bright side of all of it is that you are protected though as long as you stick with G & S. The dark side being that the villain still wins and it comes at the cost of Paypal and/or some poor unknowing soul. So whenever you see something like this that you know is fake be sure to report it and get the listing pulled. We don’t want to incentivize the scammers and let them get away with it though unfortunately they do from time to time which keeps them going. I am sure that often times when a deal like this is in the making that they offer a last second switch the F & F for some hefty discount like 10-15% or something and get victims to fall for it. They essentially build trust by offering to go G & S which is riskier for them and then last second after you feel all warm and fuzzy about it inside they offer a deal too good to turn down for F & F.

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Just so scummy. Makes me realize just how much scamming is going on in the world, not just pokemon but EVERYWHERE.

Speaking of scams, more specifically the cost of scams, I woke up to this message today:


I’d take that over what I woke up to this morning.

**MC010 Account Security Communication Partner Warning - pokemonplace

Hello pokemonplace (-removed my email-),

Our records show that you recently contacted or received messages from cshelton01 through eBay’s messaging system. This account was recently found to have been accessed by an unauthorized third party, who may have used the account in an attempt to defraud other members.

We’ve taken action to restore this account to the original owner, but wanted to let you know to be suspicious of any communication you may have received from them. Nothing is wrong with your account at this time – this message is just being sent as a precaution. If you have received any messages from cshelton01 that appears suspicious, please feel free to forward them to us at spoof@ebay.com for review.

– Safety Tips –

– Don’t respond to the sender, through either eBay or your email provider, if the message is an offer to buy or sell an item. This type of offer may be fraudulent, and the transaction won’t be covered by eBay protection programs.

    • If you received what appears to be a Second Chance Offer for an item you recently bid on, and it appears in My Messages with the subject of “Message from eBay Member,” it isn’t a legitimate Second Chance Offer.

Real Second Chance Offers appear in My Messages with a blue background and subject that says, “eBay Second Chance Offer for Item…”. Always check for both the blue background in My Messages and the subject line of “eBay Second Chance Offer for Item…” when responding to a Second Chance Offer.

– Never pay for your eBay items using instant cash wire transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. It is against eBay’s Safe Payments Policy for a seller to request payment with these methods, as these types of payments are unsafe if you’re paying someone you don’t know.

– If You’ve Already Sent Payment or Shipped an Item –

    • If you already sent payment for an off-eBay transaction, or if you’re a seller who already shipped an item to a fraudulent buyer, we suggest you take the following steps:

– Contact the payment service you used to make the purchase. If you paid by credit card, most card issuers provide consumer protections in instances of online fraud.

    • If you sold and shipped an item to a fraudulent buyer, contact the carrier you used to ship the item. You might be able to receive additional assistance from the shipping service. If it was sent through the United States Postal Service, you may want to file mail fraud charges. Please go to:


    • Report the fraudulent buyer or seller both to law enforcement officials in your area, and in the area where the buyer or seller lives. To find law enforcement agencies by area, please visit:


When you contact a law enforcement officer, please explain the following:

  • eBay will be happy to help with the officer’s investigation.

  • For more information on how the officer can contact eBay, go to:


– You may also want to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. The IC3 will review complaints and refer information to the appropriate local, state, or federal agency. To file a complaint with the IC3, please go to:


We also need you to take a few minutes to provide more information related to the transaction. The information you provide will allow us to work more effectively with law enforcement should an investigation occur. Please go to:


Click the “Item Bought Outside of eBay” or “Item Sold Outside of eBay” link.

Thanks for your cooperation.



They were trying to buy a $10k item. I didn’t sell to them because their ebay account had a Texas address, while their Paypal had Missouri.

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@cullers That’s the same user that was trying to sell someone else’s psa 8 1st charizard.


Holy shit @cullers! Yeah that might classify shady.

What’s the id of the scammers? Wanna block…


Thanks. Will block on all id’s.

@cman Thank you brother :blush: it feels good knowing that the community has my back.

Fyi, I would never post a high-end card on craigslist, even in my area. I tried it once several years ago and it turned out to be more hassle that it was worth.

@cullers I received several of those yesterday as well, one for each message he sent on Monday morning. I’m glad to hear they didn’t get anything from you though.


@cullers I received the same message from ebay about that buyer yesterday as well. He contacted me about my PSA 9 1st edition charizard and asked me how fast I could ship after payment and he needed it shipped as soon as possible. Not that I even have it listed for sale anyway and it’s more of a trophy listing, but ebay sent me that message before I got a chance to reply so I didn’t even bother. I guess ebay helps out sellers sometimes after all lol.

This user also recently changed his ebay username this week from will_1_3 to cshelton01. Seems shady so i’d suggest everyone block him.