What is the condition of cards from PokeOrder.com?

Hello, I am thinking about buying some gold star cards from pokeorder.com in May. Before I buy, I am wondering what your thoughts on the condition of the cards from this site/ Is it a credible site to buy from? (I’m asking this only because I bought a gold star card from TrollandToad.com and the condition was terrible) Thanks for your help.

I haven’t had good luck with them and the prices are usually a lot higher.

I’d be careful buying from them, but I’ve only bought twice and they were decent to bad conditions…

The standard for high volume stores is expect EX-NM. You may get lucky here and there, but by and large the cards will be an average EX-NM condition.

I ordered from them once in 2012, and the cards were in awful condition. The guy in charge also came across as an illiterate d-bag. I had to file a PayPal claim to get my money back.

Forget them. What’s wrong with eBay.com?

*looks over to the giant thread dedicated to ebay garbage*

A lot, apparently.


The giant auction thread is twice as big, for every bad, theres two good :blush:

I know that, lol. Was just making a joke. I’ve bought tons of Pokemon Plushies on Ebay (I’m a plush collector as well as a TCG collector) and I’ve had nothing but great experiences. But that’s because I’ve been careful to buy from reputable sellers. There’s many, many amazing sellers, but also plenty of crappy sellers. You just gotta know who’s who.

I imagine PokeOrder is similar to trollandtoad? After my last transaction I am done buying singles from any places like trollandtoad or sites like it. They’re condition description cannot be trusted ever. Ebay will forever hold a spot in my wallet!

I “tried” to buy from them once. They suck honestly, didn’t even notify me they refunded me my money for a couple of Booster Boxes. Also have read that they will just refund you your money if the value of a card increases and mark it up more.