How is the condition of Troll and Toad cards?

I have been considering buying some WOTC cards from Troll and Toad. I have never bought from them before, so for those who have done business with them, how is the condition of their cards?

Is it one of those things where a card listed as “near mint” is CLEARLY not near mint, or are they pretty on the money? Or does it vary?

You’ll get lucky a small percentage of the time, but at the end of the day the house always wins by successfully passing off played cards as mint. That’s T&T’s business model.


@mjs61290, Nearly the same thread from a while back, should find your answer in it:

From my own experience, I’ve bought cards that graded a 10 and some that would get a 5, all labeled under near mint.


Exactly what switch said. There have been times when I’ve gotten NM cards from T&T that are flawless, and times when I’ve gotten cards that are warped and in pretty rough shape. Great site to buy from if you’re going to for binder collections, but not so great if you’re looking for cards to grade


Appreciate it, guys. Thanks!

Take pictures and return or get a partial refund for the cards that are sub-NM.

I recently made a purchase of Unlimited Base Holos from Troll and Toad. I bought 4 Hitmonchan, 4 Poliwrath, and 4 Magneton. They were all suppose to be near mint. Every single card was warped, heavily and I mean heavily scratched…one even had part of the card missing.

I had heard from YouTube videos of certain people purchasing NM cards from Troll and Toad and getting PSA 10 grades…I guess they were just lucky.


Do not expect 10s. You’ll get 7-9 and the odd 6 that can be sent back.

This will also depend heavily on the set, card, etc…

They will make it up to you if you show them damaged cards. You can also send a request to have the cards double-checked to be NM right after you place an order.

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TT is one of the largest businesses. Unfortunately they don’t have time to check the exact condition of each card, so everything is lumped into NM or Played.

Expect EX - NM when buying vintage. Modern is usually NM+.


I’ve gotten two 10s from troll for vintage but most are 7s

Do also understand that TrollandToad inspected and assigned the condition grade to any merchant seller account as well. So if you see something with my name or any other seller’s name, assume TT’s grading scale.

Newer product is usually good just because it has inherently not been handled as much. I have had really good success with TT on higher end cards, but not so much on the $.50 cards. That said, you can easily ask them to send you some shots of front and back and they will take care of you.

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I have purchased tons of high end cards from TnT and have gotten lucky on numerous occasions with a decent amount of cards grading 9 and 10. I’ve purchased a few shadowless zards from them that graded a 9 just to give an example. At the end of the day its all luck, but would suggest putting certain cards on your wishlist so you’ll get email notifications when they become in stock. Also, if you purchase a NM card and its played (which probably happens 50% of the time) you can always return. Just google “Troll and Toad return Form” fill it out and send the card back for a full refund.

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Hit or miss for sure but to some it’s worth the risk. I personally don’t buy stuff from them but know a lot of people who do.

The last card I bought from them looked like they knocked the dust off it with 1200 grit sandpaper.

Bad. The answer is bad.


From my experience you will be happy if you want them for your binder but dont expect 10s, that would be ridiculous.

Yep, same here; Great for binder sets!
And with most of the pricetags over there, you can’t expect 10s. But occasionally, you could get lucky!

I buy a lot of WoTC NM cards from them, and while the “NM” cards can definitely vary in condition, overall I’m satisfied. They’ve been quick to refund any card that clearly isn’t NM, like the 1st edition Jungle Mr. Mime I bought a while ago that had half of its face scratched off.

You should be fine if you’re just building a binder collection, but don’t bother if you want consistent psa 8-10 quality from the older sets.