Troll and Toad

Hey everyone, just wondering what peoples experiences of troll and toad are, specifically are their gradings for cards accurate and consistent?

I personally haven’t used them, but have read a few reviews, none of which were positive

A user on Instagram recently used them…

A “near mint” card he bought came in a standard envelope, no protection whatsoever.

And, on top of that the card looked to be more played then anything else. Had multiple creases and edgewear.


Don’t buy singles from T&T. Ever.


Years ago I ordered some singles I needed for my binder collections. Everything was listed as mint, once the letter arrived everything was just stuck in it without soft sleeves or other protection. Needless to say holos had lots of surface scrathes, more like excellent/near mint instead of mint.

Surely it’s ok place if you need sealed items or cards used in actual playing, otherwise you need some luck if you try purchase mint cards for grading purposes.

They also like to sucker in idiots like me with pictures of 1st Edition cards on listings that are for Unlimited cards.

But besides all the comments above, they are fine lol.


It’s a lottery basically. They have great prices. Unbeatable really. They do refunds which I have had to do. Some of their stuff is okay though. Their shipping sucks. Don’t get their free service buy the next one up. I usually put notes in the order like, “only Nm please” “please shipin box since I paid extra please” “if you cannot meet these requests cancel order please” I am tempted to go check out their store. I think it’s in Kentucky. Collectors Cache has better quality cards and top notch shipping.

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For MTG cards I can vouch, PKMN I haven’t tried, but their customer service is stellar. The 99-cent shipping option will get you your cards in a folded ultra-pro 9-Card page inside an envelope, scary but I haven’t had issues with it.

Bought from them multiple times, never been very happy with quality. For quality, go to respectable sellers on ebay or on this forum.

Japanese: noodles, poly, etc

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The prices are typical good. There card condition is typically NOT. I’ve bought off them probably 30 times over the last 5 years. It is very seldom that you even get MINT cards from a Pre-Ordered set. When Next Destinies came out I pre-ordered the Shiny’s. 2 of each to be exact. They canceled my order. So I had to have my friend/roomate at the time order them for me. But, they only let him order 2 of the 4 Shiny’s. Then, when we got them they had quite a bit of edge-wear on them for being straight out of the damn pack. From my experience, almost always half of the cards I order are not NM to my standards. Think about price compared to condition. If you are very condition sensitive like I am. Then don’t buy foils/Ultra Rares from them, because you WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! I’ve returned TONS of cards to them…

Did I mention that they like to cancel some cards that you purchased because their “stock” count is off. Without even letting you know? They also, don’t sleeve cards. Everytime I buy from them I return ATLEAST 20% of the cards and DEMAND that they send me better conditioned cards.

You don’t buy from them as a collector.
You buy from them as a player.

That’s all there is to it, really.


Gotta agree with Sam here, it’s truly a lottery. I’ve gotten cards from brand new sets that would struggle to score a PSA 7, and older cards that are just so bad it’s funny that anyone considers them near mint. The shipping is ridiculous, in en envelope with no other protection. No sleeves, no toploaders, nothing.

HOWEVER. It is extremely useful for buying single cards for sets and such, as prices are very very good, and the cards are all not in terrible condition. I’ve purchased multiple cards from them that have scored a PSA 9 and even 10. Sometimes you get lucky with the card condition, but usually you don’t. Stick to eBay unless you absolutely have to.

I bought from them once. They did ship in a top loader for me. But for a NM there were a TON of scratches in the foil. I said never again.

I must be a part of the minority that have only had pleasant experiences with troll and toad. I think there is a bit of a Russian roulette aspect to it though, and I have gotten a bit lucky.

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I’ve been buying base set 2 and some other older singles from them and I’m pretty happy with them so far. You really cannot beat their single prices (at least for older cards).

The only problem I have (besides them not putting your cards in sleeves, like what was already mentioned above) is I think when you put a NM card in your cart, but they end up not having any left, they will replace your NM order with a played one (this doesn’t mean that they will still charge you the price of NM. They will replace the NM price with the played one). I’m not positive on this, but I swear my entire last order was NM… I remember double, maybe even triple checking each card, but once my order came I looked at my receipt on the site and 4 of my cards were replaced with “played”. That holo flareon isn’t even worth putting in a case… but the other 3 played cards were actually in pretty good shape. It’s just too bad those other cards were the really cheap ones. I’ll have to pay an extra 6$ if I want that NM holo flareon.

However, my first order came with a played card, even though my receipt said it was suppose to be NM. I put a note asking politely if they could send a NM version for free, and they did… might even be “mint” worthy. I’m pretty satisfied with their NM card conditions; especially at those awesome prices.

You could always email their customer service? You shouldn’t be forced to pay for something if it isn’t what you agreed upon… That’s basic contract law :blush:

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In fairness, though the cards I ordered were not 1st Ed, which was ultimately my fault, the cards were described as NM and I wouldn’t have had any complaints about the conditions of the 5 or 6 cards I received at all.

Just got a £200($300)order from them,I did not get done for customs tax so well chuffed:-) It’s my seconed order from them and 80% of the cards are in excellent condition,the rest are in very good or near mint.For the price they are unbeatable and I will be buying much more from them:-)

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I have thought about giving them a try but shipping is crazy unless you spend atleast $50 for international shipping, little hesitant as that is a lot of singles i may have to return or replace if they arrive all jacked up.