What does Top 64 Really Equal?

I’m big into these Championship Series cards (like the one pictured) currently. Bulbapedia lists these as Top 64 type prize cards. I know the top 64 is normally per division, but what does this breakdown to in terms of total distribution?

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Not really sure what you mean by breakdown, but to estimate total distribution you basically just add up all divisions across all tournaments in which a top-64 Item card was given.

For example, for the Energy Loto you showed it was 64 x 3 divisions in Yokohama = 192 copies for now, but since CL Kyoto will be held next month, there will be another 64 x 3 divisions = 192 copies being handed out, and vice versa.

Thanks, this is what I was looking for. Any insight into how many total of each of these might be? I’m not sure how many events are regularly held each cycle.

For example, Escape Rope (245/S-P) Bulbapedia lists events held in Kyoto, Fukuoka, Aichi, and Yokohama. Therefore we might expect 192 x 4 = 768?

I’m unsure if 4 events are regularly standard and to expect a sub 1000 total distribution. Or if I’m way off here. I know Tokyo is regularly a host of these events as well.

Not quite:

  • Aichi had 4 divisions so 64 more was distributed in the 4th division (Expanded-Open)
  • The card was also given to top 64s in PJCS

So a quick calculation yields 1024 copies which is a bit over 1000. There might be some other details that I miss so need to review tournament rules to confirm.

However this is actually an interesting topic which I had done some research on over the weekend. I’ll post my findings once I sorted them out so stay tuned!

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