What do You Think this would score on PSA?

Hello everyone :blush:,

I’m going to be sending in cards to psa in the near future but theres one that I am unsure of,


the scratches are those on the case, the only issue with the card is the slight edgewear visible in the pic. What kind of score could it receive? I would do it If i believed it could get at least a 7.

Thank You in advance for replied :blush:,

If none of those scratches are on the card then it’ll get at least a 7:)

Awesome card! Do you plan to keep it for yourself or do you ask this with intention of selling the card?

I want to get it graded so that I could sell it sometime in the future, not sure If I’ll try to sell it right away. I’m also looking to get my first edition shining gyarados, my unlimited shining mewtwo, and first edition neo revelation Raikou and Entei graded. All the other cards I mentioned are in better shape than the charizard.

It might be hard to bring myself to sell the cards but the money is tempting for sure :stuck_out_tongue:.

Okay! Well, for one’s own personal collection I would always recommend a third party grading (especially if you’re not struggeling with international shipping like I am :wink: ) - PSA or Beckett depending on what you prefer. But if you plan to resell the card there are some things you should keep in mind. Particularly high value cards, like your Charizard, might go for higher prices if you keep them ungraded. It keeps the illusion of possibly beeing a 10. However I think if you can get a PSA 8 at least that would be highly profitable!

Beckett is no longer a viable option for grading if you ever plan to sell. Stick with PSA for sure.
If your card is a 7 or higher definitely grade it. Ungraded you’d be giving up too much money.

You should probably get at minimum a 7 but it’s impossible to tell via pictures. I wish you the best of luck :blush: