Web Cards, Masaki Cards and Birthday Pikachu

Looking for the following

Alakazam, Omastar, Gengar Masaki Card in at least Near Mint.

Any cards from the Web series, I already have Zapdos and Moltres so any other cards I’m happy to buy!

Also looking for Birthday Pikachu 1st one and the Natta Wake version

Happy to trade if you after anything in particular that i have.

I have all of the cards you want. You know what I want from you, haha. Lemme know.

What will you pay for those in nm?
What do you have to trade?

If you have them for sale just tell me what you want for them Also which do you have specifically? Please pm details

I have a WEB Meowth for $20. PM me if you’re interested!


Are the Web 1st ed or unlimited?

most are 1st edition

@oldschoolpokemon: Again, you cannot sell on UPCCC without 100 posts. Please read the rules.
Thank you.

Most of us have all those. Since you’re looking for them and asking give us your price.

Bluey*, not to question you…
I thought in the WTB forum, anyone can sell?
Sellers are the only ones allowed to sell in sales forum…
Unless I’ve missed something?


From a previous post I reported and was corrected on…

“If someone makes a thread with something that they are looking for and a member has it they can post regardless of their post count. The 100 posts is to access the sales section just so we don’t have new members coming in here being annoying trying to push their items.”

Depending on the seller, the condition and the amount they have the more/less I’d be willing to pay.

you may check my youtube channel, i may upload a video for them if you’d like i have mutiples of many cards.

ps. im not selling here i am linking to video for condition