Wat a collection on ebay!

I came across this today:

1st ed. shadowless cards… a lot of charizards… complete masaki cards… this collection is amazing…
what do you think about the price? how much would this all together be worth?

I love buying that kinds of collection. So many beauties in there!
However, the price is far far far away from realistic. This lot is proably worth around the $5-6k mark. The VS Booster boxes go for about $300-500 each. That adds up to $1200-$2000 alone. + 1st Edition JPN box for another $250.
The Masaki Sets also easily go for $200 ea = another $400. Those Base 1st Edition PSA 8 sets go for about $1000.
That already adds up to $3000 and there’s so much more!

yeah exactly… it looks great…
But I wonder if he wouldnt make more money by selling the stuff seperately… ?