Wartortle 1st Ed "Thin" Stamp

I recently spoke about this again with @thecharizardauthorty but was wondering if anyone else has ever seen a common 1st ed base card with the “thin” stamp? In the thousands that have gone through my hands, I have never seen this before.

The back story on the card: it was purchased directly from a friend of a WOTC member. The person would receive cards/booster packs before they were released to the public. The pictures below are of the exact card. The one with two has the standard “thick” stamp on the right and the “thin” one is on the left.

That is the grey stamp variant, not the thin. The grey stamped cards are rare but readily available.

All the different types of stamp appearances are a result of the pressure/ink from their print run. The “thin” type are not featured on the common/uncommon cards, which is why this one is odd.

I have one also (thin stamp).
I actually discussed this with Rusty quite a while back so he probably remembers that I have one too. If I can find it ill post a pic.
Considering I’ve been through 10s of thousands of these and have only seen these two…its an extremely rare item.

Rusty and I have traded many Grey stamps and they’re fun too. I would think a 10x premium is about right on value.

What grade did that Wartortle get?

It received an 8. And if you find a photo go ahead and post it. If you could post the entire card that would be ideal. I am trying to see if the ink was strong altogether on the entire card.

Found it…
Do you need more pics?

That should work. I noticed that the Wartortles ink was darker with the Thin stamp than the Thick.

Have you seen any others besides that Full Heal and this Wartortle?

here’s the whole card

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Those are the only two I have ever seen…and I looked for them lol.

This thread makes me want to sort through all my cards again. While I resist, the urge will grow until I make time to sit down and do it.

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LOL…me too Rusty. Even though I went through them extensively before (while looking for yours and my grey stamps w/ an eye out for those thin stamps), I’m tempted to do it again in case I overlooked one.

Think we could build a set of them? Heck…we already have 2 hihi.

Also, in just a few short months neither one of us will have any time anymore (inside joke;)

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