WarCraft 3 Reforged; anyone else excited?

WarCraft III Reforged is coming soon, its literally the only game i play and been playing for over a decade now.

I assume that tomorrow-saturday at Blizzcon, we’ll get more news about this big RTS!

Hoping that some other fellow collectors are looking forward this release :ninja:


idk i used to play warcraft 3 a fuckton.
but i find it hard to be hyped for games anymore these days.


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I hopped onto the Warcraft train right after WoW released. Playing the games that came before has always been on my list, but I haven’t done that yet. If I do pick it up, I might just do it with WoWtokens.

I’m super excited for Blizzcon tomorrow, but mostly for Diablo 4, because I know it’s coming. I feel it in my soul…

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Still planning should I make the purchase on Blizzard launcher or not, luckily there’s still lots of time before release.
And yes Blizzcon is gonna be great, looking forward to see Serral crushing the SC2 competition again. :blush:

Warcraft 3 was a great part of my youth and it will never be as good as it was for me because I simply don’t have the time anymore to enjoy it for hours on end like I used to do. To those who (still) can; enjoy, it’s a great game!

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Seems like either a D2 Remaster or D4 are coming according to different posts on reddit. :open_mouth:!