wanna lend me your opinion real quick?

didn’t want to go straight to ebay garbage, because I think there is quite a lot of room for doubt, and the seller is innocent until proven guilty.

given that information, here is the deal:

I was just peaking around the newly listed sealed packs on ebay and this 1st edition fossil booster popped up


seems fair, the seller has great feedback on his other transactions and all looks as it should.

when actually looking at the feedback though, there are a bunch of very recent 1st edition graded holo pulls from fossil on the first 2 pages.
feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller&userid=possiblyanemu&iid=272678805776&de=off&items=25&interval=0&searchInterval=30&mPg=8&keyword=272678805776&page=1link to feedbackdoes that seem a little weird to anyone else when they are selling a bunch of that sets unweighed packs?
obviously we could never know for sure, but it does feel a little weird.

Anything is possible but when i see these types of scenarios i do not purchase any of the boosters.

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If you buying old school 1st editon booster packs are you’re EXPECTING them not to be weighted you’re in for a bad time. It’s not that everyone does it, but it only takes 5% of the population to do it and with enough time all the boosters will be weighted.

It’s similar to MTG, where they can search old booster packs. Pretty much everyone who buys an old school MTG booster expects it to be searched. There’s no reason people shouldn’t feel the same with old school 1st ed boosters.


100% weighed, checked his sold listings, and he sold exactly 12 graded 1st edition fossil cards


how absolutely scummy, it’s one thing to not advertise the packs as unweighed, but he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. thanks for taking the time to look through them all acebren

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Pretty much always assume the item has no holo. Then if it does it’s a bonus.

it’s not that I was even very interested in buying it. was just scouting newly listed and stumbled upon this. It’s just kind of real scummy to specifically list as unweighed and then do it >__>

Yes it’s very scummy and anybody who does it deserves a horrible fate and it will come.

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