[w] PSA 10 Unlimited Venusaur

Looking for a flawless PSA 10 Unlimited Venusaur with perfect centring, surface, corners, edges etc. Would be willing to pay above market for pristine. Also looking for unweighted and sealed booster packs from roughly 1999-2003. Feel free to pm me or reply below.

I’m not wanting to mock you at all, so please don’t be offended, but shouldn’t you be looking at a BGS Pristine if that’s what you want?

I personally have looked into grading these Venusaurs, but I found that all the ones that were being offered on eBay were quite a bit overpriced, or the PSA 8/9/10 variants may have been underpriced, it just depends on how you look at it.

i have one , how much you want to pay

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You are correct in saying that but from what I’ve heard there are a very very low number (haven’t checked the pop myself) of BGS Pristine Venusaurs and therefore figured it would be better to search for a top tier PSA one instead. I would be open to a BGS Pristine though if someone had one and would probably pay more for that also