VStar Pikachu 205.. crazy prices?

Its total graded is catching up fast in only a year, and it’s not even a high class set. The Master Ball reverse Pikachu is currently sitting at 5,404 graded, and AR Pikachu is the most graded at 18,403


Bidoof is currently used in decks so less sent for grading.

@inertgeometry oh, yeah I knew the other cards in this spread, but you had mentioned other AR exclusives more expensive than the pikachu. Just wondering which those might have been.

But also, if all 9 cards could only be pulled from the same pack then why aren’t paras and duscull also being sold for 100 bucks, or better yet, how come pikachu isn’t 5!

@bk2021 ahh that makes more sense. I don’t collect graded cards, just binder, so the 20ish prices I’ve seen are for raw. I guess I’ll wait to get it once it’s phased out of the current game. Thanks for that info!

oh i apologize. i didn’t realize how old this thread was.

i believe at the time i was referring to the Miraidon AR promo, but idk how much they are these days

but i could have been speaking about something else. i’m not sure unfortunately

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