VStar Pikachu 205.. crazy prices?

Hi all,

I’ve been watching this card for a little while and trying to understand the crazy price its going for. It’s just a regular AR card in the set. Even NM copies are around like $300-$400.

Is it hard to pull or something? I’m just surprised at the price and was curious if anyone can share some insight.


Regarding the pull rate, I can tell that this Pikachu can only be obtained via a god pack.
About the probability. Estimates are 1:20 cases. Would be nice to hear if someone knows more about these numbers.


Like genchiro said, in vstar it is only obtainable in a god pack along with the other cards from the vignette.

In Crown Zenith it is a regular AR with typical pull rates.

i wouldn’t consider this a crazy price. maybe 2-3x the price of raw which seem less ridiculous than a lot of other cards.

Was not aware, that makes sense then why it has a large premium for a regular AR card. Thanks for sharing. Also that looks awesome as a binder page!

@inertgeometry - Right, I just thought that relative to other AR cards found in SWSH or S&V that it seemed really high even for a NM copy. Now I understand better though based off the “God Pack” being the only way to get a copy and it’s a Pikachu of course. The Pokemon Company really knows how to make a good collectible card.


understandable confusion without the context for sure. it definitely makes collecting all of the ARs a little more difficult price wise. then again, they started adding some more exclusive ARs this year including one that is now more expensive than the pikachu :smiling_face_with_tear: